Kel Tec Pistol Scope Mount

A new pistol Scope mount for Kel Tec pistols, especially the 22 mag PMR 30 is available from UM Tactical.  The new mount attaches to the accessory rail integral to the bottom of the frame of the handgun.  The mount is constructed of aluminum and attaches in less than a minute, without the use of tools.  The mount requires absolutely no modifications to the pistol and it retails for less than $100.  For more information or to order your Kel Tec Pistol Scope Mount today, visit us online at or call us at 866-979-4GUN (4486)


The UM Tactical Pistol Scope Mount CNC machined from high strength T6 aluminum alloy.  The high precision of the machining process allows great repeatability when removing and reinstalling the unit on the firearm.  Even on polymer framed handguns, very little adjustment is needed after reinstallation.  The mount is anodized flat black to provide a non-reflective finish and to protect from corrosion and the chips and dings possible during use.  The mount has been carefully designed to provide ample clearance for all firearm functions including cycling the slide and ejection.  An auxiliary rail at the bottom of the mount allows for the attachment of lights, lasers and other gadgets.

Optics and the Kel Tec PMR-30

The PMR-30 is a very interesting, specialized handgun from Kel Tec.  It is a high capacity 22 magnum semi auto handgun with enough barrel length to provide adequate accuracy and energy to be effective as a field pistol for varmint hunting.  Adding the capacity of optical sights to this weapon greatly increases its operational envelope.  Many times, the limiting factor of longer range handgun performance is usable accuracy.  The gun may be capable of shooting very well, but the traditional iron sights can limit the range the shooter can perform at.  An optical sight such as a red dot sight can help considerably but an extended eye relief pistol scope can really increase the effective range of the PMR-30.  The scope magnifies the view and puts the target and the crosshairs in the same focal plane, allowing for fast, accurate shooting.  A PMR-30 coupled with a good optical sight can really take advantage of the flat trajectory and power of the 22 magnum handgun.

The Kel Tec Pistol Scope Mount in Use

The first step in attaching the pistol scope mount is to make sure that the handgun is completely empty and in a safe condition.  Once the gun is completely cleared, the mount can be attached by simply sliding the mount over the muzzle end of the firearm, engaging the integral Picatinny rail in the receptacle in the mount.  Lock the mount in place by moving the front locking lever into its proper position.  Squeeze the two halves of the split Picatinny rail together and attach the optical sight clamps or scope bases to the rail.  Tighten the screws down as detailed in the optical sight installation instructions.  This locks the sight, mount and handgun frame into solid alignment.  The procedure requires no tools and can be performed in under a minute.  UM tactical provides a limited lifetime warranty on every Kel Tec Pistol Scope Mount.  Videos, photos, and ordering information are available at or call us for more information at 866-979-4GUN (4486).

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